Physical model experiments on the retention basin at river Werre

For the further improvement of the flood protection of the city of Bad Salzuflen, the plans of Wald+Corbe Consulting  foresee the construction of a flood retention basin upstream of the town. The axis of the dam is approx. 330 m long and approx. 7 m high and is planned north of the Ostwestfalener Straße. In the course of the preliminary planning the existing boundary conditions at the site retention basin rose various hydraulic questions concerning the flow behavior under various operating scenarios which cannot be answered reliably with conventional design approaches. To increase planning reliability physical model tests are performed in Theodor-Rehbock-Laboratory.

In particular, the physical model experiments shall verify the hydraulic performance at various operating cases according to DIN 19700. Gate control curves for the operationally relevant discharge spectrum are also to be determined. Furthermore, a special solution for the energy dissipation is to be developed and verified. In addition, the location of the gauging station is to be checked.