Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr.h.c. mult. Franz Nestmann

  • KIT Campus Süd

    Institut für Wasser und Gewässerentwicklung

    Bereich Wasserwirtschaft und Kulturtechnik

    Geb. 10.63

    Ernst-Gaber-Straße 1

    D-76131 Karlsruhe

Field of activity

  • Many years of activity in applied and basic research as well as planning and execution of structures in the field of hydraulic engineering, water management and fluid mechanics with the following main focus:

    • River engineering, river engineering, flood protection and ecology, morphodynamics.
    • Water retention structures: weirs, dams, flood retention basins
    • Hydraulic engineering: inland waterways, lock design
    • Large power plants, cooling circuits
    • Hydraulic engineering testing and measurement
    • Channel hydraulics and solids transport
    • Air/water and solids interactions, gas exchange processes
    • Expert opinions e.g. in China, Pakistan, USA and Canada


1978-81Hydraulic investigations of cooling circuits
1981-84Basic investigations of the hydrodynamic oxygen input
1984-86Dimensioning of weir channels for the prevention of cavitation
1986-87Further development of air model technology in river engineering
1987-90River engineering report for the Upper Rhine downstream of the Iffezheim weir
1987-88River engineering report for the Songhua River, VR-China (GTZ project)
1987-89Flow investigations in the dam of the Rhine power plant Bad-Säckingen
1990-93Flow investigations for the Rhine in the Rheingau region
1990Unsteady flow processes in the Henrichenburg economising lock
1990University of Faisalabad, Pakistan; consultant mission on behalf of GTZ
1991River engineering study for the Rhine section Bonn-Beuel
1987-93Flow investigations for the Eider barrage including development of a rehabilitation concept
1992-94River engineering study for the Danube (Straubing-Vilshofen)
1992-94River engineering baseline studies for the entire German Elbe river


Lectures at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Surveying of the University of Karlsruhe in "Hydraulics" and "Bedload and Solids Transport" as well as in the field of "Hydraulic Engineering and Water Management" with the subfields: Flood protection and watercourse development, hydropower plants and dams, erosion control measures; project studies.